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Heavy rainfall causes flooding in many parts of Naperville. Flooding causes property damage, traffic accidents, street closures, injuries, and sometimes even death. The financial impact of flood damage adds up after every flood event. While I cannot control the weather, I pledge to support Naperville in its efforts to reduce and prevent flooding:

Countywide Effort


The majority of Naperville is located in the DuPage River Watershed. Much of the City is regulated under the DuPage County Countywide Stormwater and Floodplain Ordinance. I will push Naperville to advocate for the stormwater needs of its citizens as DuPage County updates its stormwater regulations. I will also stay cognizant of the flood mapping work that the County performs for Naperville. 

Responsible Development


As land development reduces green space, the additional runoff increases flooding. I will propose that Naperville add environmental mitigation requirements to new land development projects. Rain gardens, infiltration basins, permeable pavement, or stormwater impact fees used to retrofit detention basins can help Naperville balance development with stormwater management.

Floodproofing Measures and Pipe Upsizing


The Department of Public Works and the Transportation and Engineering Department have made great strides to floodproof essential facilities, fix leaking sewer lines infiltrated with stormwater, and upsize stormdrain pipes to alleviate street flooding. Being proactive about infrastructure maintenance is essential. I will support the City’s plans to maintain and improve its assets to prevent future flooding.

Upgrade Stormwater Detention Basins


Stormwater detention basins slow the flow of storm runoff to our rivers and streams. Many of these basins are lined with stone and were sized based on outdated rainfall data. Naperville should encourage homeowner associations that experience local flooding to retrofit their detention basins to increase storage and plant them with wetland vegetation to better absorb and filter stormwater runoff. 

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